South Africa Inbound Travel

SAI Travel is a South African based Youth Voluntour Operator - we specialize in organising unforgettable adventures throughout Africa whilst giving back to the underprivileged communities along our journeys.  Our favourite destinations are South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland & Mozambique. We offer Voluntours to groups of any size, young and old, camping or luxury accommodation, transportation of your choice in 4x4 Off-road Vehicles, Overland Trucks to Semi-lux Busses.  You may ask what a Voluntour is; it is an Adventure Tour combined with Community Volunteer Services.  A fine example of this is that one day you might be Quad Biking on the Coastline of Mozambique and an hour later you might be swimming with whale-sharks. The following day you might spend making a difference in an underprivileged community painting the walls of a newly built creche for orphan children. 

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